Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Soul Winning Seminar by Bro. Joe

This Soul Winning Seminar is for Christians of all stages and ages.

Soul wining is helping a lost person have
a heart-to-heart
born again soul saving
experience with Jesus.

The seminar will teach you a simple soul winning process. You will learn how to comfortably help a lost person have a born again experience with Jesus.
All you must know before we get started is that Jesus is Lord of your life ...
And have a burden on your heart for lost souls. I will teach you how to help a lost person get saved.
That and no more. I promise!

All I teach is simple enough to understand
and easy enough to do.
There is nothing to be afraid of!
Ask Jesus to help you. HE will!

If you can be comfortable asking someone,
"How you doing?" You will make a natural soul winner.
Give it a try. What have you got to lose?

Soul winning is a serious effort with Jesus in
control. It begins and ends in sincere prayer.
We're led by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit puts us in front of lost people every time.
Jesus gave us this simple process and we follow it the same way every time.
The lost person gets saved every time.

We go out in teams of two. We've found out that this works the best for us.
If you need a partner simply pray and the LORD will team you up. He will send you out to harvest souls for His kingdom.

Here's how we do it every time. We say the same words the same way every time. We see the same results every time. A person or persons get saved. Often more than one person will get saved at the same time. For example, when we're in a home with a family we will help them all get saved at the same time. Later, you'll see hows that works. It's simple. It's easy. Relax, and know that Jesus is in control and He will do all the work.   

Here's what we do ...

I Smile and Say to someone: "Hi, I'm                     ."
I shake the person's hand and say: "What's your name?" 

Person says: "                       ."

I Say:  "It's good to meet you, (Person's Name).

I Say: "You know, (Person's Name), we're living in some mighty troubled times, aren't we?"
(Person will say something like ... "We sure are ...etc.")

I say: "Because of that, we're out praying with people. Can we pray with you? or Will it be OK if we pray with you."?

Person says: "OK ... sure ... etc)
I take the person by the hand  ... or put my hand on the person's shoulder ... or we hold hands in a comfortable circle and relaxed ... 
I say:  
"Great ...  Please say this prayer after me.
Lord Jesus, we're all sinners.
Please forgive our sins.
Please save my soul.
Please come into my heart and live forever. Thank you Lord Jesus for saving my soul; for forgiving my sins;
for coming into my heart to live forever.
Now, Lord Jesus, please help me live for you each day.
Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen.

I  say:  "Praise the LORD.  Jesus baptized you with the Holy Spirit and you're saved forever."

I say:  "Follow this path with Jesus ...  
1.  Pray this prayer you prayed every night before you go to sleep and every morning when you wake up.  Until you can say it be heart. Practice saying it!  2. Spend some time in prayer each day.  
3. Read some Bible verses each day.  
4. Attend church.  Be baptized. 
5. Join up with a partner. Go out and remind someone that we're living in troubled times. And ask the person if you can pray with them. The person will say yes.  And that person(s) gets saved like you did.  Jesus is pleased and you will be a happy soul winner.  God Bless."

Seminar Assignment & Exercise ...
1. Memorize the soul winning process.
2. Practice saying it all the time. Practice saying it with a friend.
3. Ask the LORD to give you a soul winning partner. 
3. Ask the LORD to guide you to lost souls.  He will. 
4.You' see many come to Christ and be saved.  
5. The LORD will be pleased and you will be happy!
Nobody is ever offended!

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