Thursday, August 19, 2010


Follow this simple process and you will be a soul winner for Jesus' sake.

First: Ask some one, ""Have you ever been saved?" Person answers, "No."
Second: Say, "OK. Let's get you saved right now.
Please say this prayer after me.
Lord Jesus, I'm a lost sinner. Please forgive me of my sins.
Please save my soul. Please come into my heart and live forever.
Thank you Lord Jesus for saving my soul; for forgiving my sins;
for coming into my heart to live forever.
Now Lord Jesus, I want to live for you each day.
Thank you. Lord Jesus. Amen.
Third: Say, "Now you're saved forever. Here's proof that you're saved forever.
Because you asked Jesus
to forgive your sins. He did!
to save your soul. He did!
to come into your heart and live forever. He did!
For sure and for certain you're saved forever."

Now you are a soul winner. Practice this process! Follow this process the same way each time. God will bless your life and the life of each person you help to get saved.

I promise! God Bless! Bro. Joe

Soul Winning Is A Simple Process

Soul Winning Is A Simple Process