Thursday, November 1, 2012

Simply ... How To Help Someone Get Saved By Bro. Joe

Here's Simply how this Blog  came to be ...

The LORD burdened my heart for lost people who had no hope. I'd been a Christian for many years but I still did not know how to help a lost person get saved. I didn't know anybody that I could turn to for help. I didn't know any soul winners. So, I simply asked Jesus to make me a soul winner. Jesus answered my prayer. Jesus gave me the words to say and how to say them.

Here is what Jesus taught about me how to meet people. He taught me to always be calm, gentle, polite, sincere, kind, compassionate, loving, easy going, unhurried, and friendly with anyone I meet.
He taught me to never scare anybody, argue with anybody, ask anybody any questions, get into a long discussion with anybody.  If I do any of those never(s) it's over.
Now you know how to say the words that Jesus gave me to say. You can do this!

I'm going to give you the words that Jesus gave me to always say. I am sharing them with you just like He gave them to me. These few words became the process that I now always follow in helping a lost person get saved.

If I fail to follow this process I lose! I know because I've tried another way and I always lose.  You you will lose, too.

Remember, this soul winning process is not mine.  Jesus gave it to me! Remember, I'm just a regular person with a burden for lost souls who needed help. Jesus was the only Person that I knew to call on to help me.
He answered my prayer and gave me what I needed.

Now, I'm giving you the words He gave to me! Memorize the words.Practice saying the words something under a 1,000,000 times like I did. When you are ready Jesus will give you the courage and the person that you will help get saved. Keep Following the process like I do! You will never be the same!  Soul winners are never the same! Thank Jesus!

Brother Jerry & I Are Soul Winning Partners ...
Bro. Jerry and I (Bro. Joe) use this simple process every time with anyone or more than one that we are going to help get saved. Whether we are out together or by our self  we always do it the same way every time. We found out that if We/I do the same thing the same way We/I get the same results every time. The person or persons always get saved.

We promise you that if you will learn and follow this simple process you will be a soul winner helping people get saved.

Here is what we do and what we say:

I smile and say to someone: "Hi, I'm _______________."
I shake the person's hand and say, "What' your name?"

Person says "_________________."

I say:  "It's good to meet you,  (Person's Name).

I say:  "(Person's Name), I'm/We're just out praying with folks today. Can we pray with you?  or Will it be OK if we pray with you?"

Person says: "OK ... sure ... etc.")

I say:  "Great  or  Thank You ... OK .. Let's just pray together. Please just say this prayer after me.
"LORD Jesus. We're all sinners.
Please forgive my sins.
Please save my soul.
Please come into my heart and live forever.
Thank you LORD Jesus
for saving my soul;
for forgiving my sins;
for coming into my heart to live forever.
Now LORD Jesus, please help me to live for you each day.
Thank you Lord Jesus.  Amen.

I say: "Praise the LORD. Jesus just forgave your sins. Jesus just saved your soul; Jesus just came into your heart to live forever; and you're saved forever. If you have been saved before now you are double sure you are saved."

I say, "Now, here's what I want you to do beginning today...
1. Pray the prayer you just prayed every night before you go to sleep and every morning when you wake up.
2. Always trust Jesus ... and you'll know what's right.
3. Always do the loving thing ... and you'll always do the right thing.  That's what Jesus did.
4. Attend church.
5. Practice and learn the process of helping someone get saved like you did. You're a soul winner!

Download, print, share, free not to be sold. Give everybody you help get saved a copy of this Tract.
(copyright @ By Bro. Joe & Jerry, 2012, Goodlettsville, TN  37072)