Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Friendly Conversation That Helps Someone Get Saved ... by Bro. Joe

Why Conversation?

I've found out that if I can carry on a
conversation with someone I can help
some lost person get saved.
So, I've learned to make soul winning a
low key conversation so that I don't
scare anybody. Jesus taught me the words
that I say in each soul winning conversation.
Jesus taught me to make it short enough
and simple enough so that I can do it
without messing up. So I use the same words
the same way every time with anyone I talk to;
if I don't know if the person is saved.
Soul winning is simply carrying on a friendly
converstaion that helps a person get saved.
That's what Jesus did. That's what Jesus
wants us to do. This is what I do where ever I'm at.
People always get saved one soul at a time.

You can be a soul winner too.

I pray you'll learn this short simple conversation
by saying it over and over till it becomes natural.
Practice saying it when you wake up every morning,
while going to and from work, and when you go to
bed at night. etc. Practice saying it with a friend.
Then when the time comes it will feel natural for
you to help the lost person get saved.
This will be the happiest day of your life.
I promise.

The Conversation

Calmly Ask: Have you ever been saved?

Person says: NO

Smiling Say: OK. Let's get you saved right now.
Please say this prayer after me.
"Lord Jesus, I'm a lost sinner.
Please forgive me of my sins.
Please save my soul.
Please come into my heart and live forever.
Thank you, Lord Jesus, for saving my soul;
for forgiving my sins;
for coming into my heart to live forever.
Now, Lord Jesus, please help me to live for You each day.
Thank You Lord Jesus. Amen.

Joyfully Say: Now you are saved forever. You asked Jesus
to save your soul. He did. You are saved forever.

I say: You'll be living for Him each day when you
can say the soul winning conversation in your sleep!
You'll really be living for Him when you help
someone get saved like you did.

Give it a try. What have you got to lose?
Your joy is complete! I promise! God bless. Bro. Joe

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